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Lois Young-Tulin Interviewed Online: Itsafullnest.com, Mulitgenerational Life
Multigenerational Living: the “New” clear Family, April 12, 2011


If you’ve been a mother, you know how to be a grandmother. Right? Wrong, says Lois Young-Tulin, Ph.D., author of The Granny Nanny: A Guidebook for Modern Grandmothers or What Every Grandmother Should Know About Babysitting. She thought the same thing as she awaited the birth of her first grandchild; it would be "like getting back on a bicycle after a 20-year lapse," she writes on the book jacket. In a unique twist, Dr. Young-Tulin has started doing a combination presentation about The Granny Nanny and her previous book, Sophie and Me: Some of these Days, about her surrogate grandmother relationship with her great grand aunt, entertainer Sophie Tucker.

“I realized the role Sophie played in my life was very special," says Young-Tulin, a grandmother of eight. I wanted to play a very special role in my grandchildren’s lives. I think she was a model for taking an interest and acting like a mentor role model, yet, providing a loving place and a safe family. That’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t have a grandmother that I was that close to. Sophie became a surrogate grandmother. The model she used and the loving availability no matter how busy she was, influenced me. I wondered how other grandmothers felt. I took it from there. I had a practice run as a chosen grandmother and that was an important role.

“When you are grand parented and grand mothered in a very loving way it makes it easy when you are going to become a grandmother to say ‘hey I want to be an important part of a child's life.’ The more we receive, the more we can give. I was lucky to receive a lot from surrogate grandmother Sophie and that helped. It also proved to me how important being a grandmother is and how important a role it is even after the person is not here anymore.

“My daughter-in-law was pregnant with my first grandson and it made me think about the role I wanted to play,” explained Young-Tulin. “I realized it was something I should think about before the baby was born so the role would have some meaning to the family. So I decided to do some research, and talk to some grandmothers.”


What began with a few mushroomed into 40 interviews as Young-Tulin received referrals and recommendations of grandmothers she should interview. She ended up with a 110-page guidebook, which rather than being "a one size fits all book" covers a wide area of categories of grandmothers -- and could have included more -- which is what makes the book unique. Included chapters are Being A Good Mother-in-Law; Self-Esteem or Making Your Grandchild Feel Special; Nearby and Long Distance Grandmothers; Divorced Parents-Divorced Grandparents; Step-Granny Nannies; Gay Granny- Nanny and mothers of gay children with children; Chosen Granny Nanny and Live-in Granny Nanny. Yet, it appeals to expectant mothers and grandmothers. Each chapter describes different challenges and opportunities as well as presenting tips. In addition, there are chapters dealing with family visits; first time baby sleeps over; going to a restaurant; traveling, helping the grandchild prepare and accept a new sibling. She has put the verb in grandmother.

“This book is different because it’s making a contribution,” said Young-Tulin. “It’s a hands-on guide. I really wanted to deal with attitudes and purposes that women should have before the grandchild is born or in the early years or even if itís later. One grandmother I met said she read the book and said ‘You know my grandchildren are teenagers. It’s not too late. I’ve been e-mailing the one long distance and I feel closer to her than ever.’ She picked that up in the book. There are categories or situations that come up often. The book is short, easy to read. If somebody’s having a grandchild for the first time, they can open the book, go to the Table of Contents and read that chapter and be prepared. It covers a broader scope and applies to babies and teenage kids.”

The chapter topics, categories and some of Young-Tulin’s conclusions Ė many of which surprised her -- make the book very current. Among her main themes are the ways of doing things have changed since “we” raised our children, and parents’ rules and methods must be respected. Particularly, in the areas of safety, new laws and methods have improved quality of life for children. Just because “our children survived” doesn’t mean the “modern way” is wrong, she says. Far from being a scolding book at grandmothers, it’s meant to help, guide and make them understand how to deal with the current times so there is less tension among grandparents, children, childrens-in-law and grandchildren. At the same time, the knowledge and experience of a grandmother can also be helpful to the mother and father. The chapters on divorce and gay grandmothers can tug at the heartstrings.

“The first chapter --‘what were we thinking when we were mothers’ -- became a theme that kept coming up,” Young-Tulin said. “I’ve heard many young mothers say, ‘my mother or mother-in-law doesnít believe the baby has to sleep on its back.’ I also realized how important it is to follow the rules of today and not say ‘I did it that way, it’s right today.’ That was another big interest of mine. I’ve learned a lot. My daughters-in-law really taught me by saying this is how we do it now. It was quite an education for me.

“The Granny Nanny
combines intelligence, humor,
creativity and love,
while addressing
current topics.”
-A reader

“What is done today doesn’t seem so backward,” she continued. “Life moved forward, especially in safety with car seats and cribs. Statistics have gone down for crib deaths. The public learned a lot and we’re lucky our kids survived. The dangers were there. It’s not like all of a sudden things are more dangerous today. Everybody didn’t survive. It wasn’t that safe. For new grandmothers, it’s important for them to know. Grandmothers and pregnant women are interested in the book. Expectant mothers want to prepare grandmothers. There will be less conflict and happier babysitting days. The granny nanny is an important role. We’re not all retired, sitting around doing nothing. There’s a way to make time and make it important in life. It would benefit the grandmother, the children and the children’s children.”

grmother_grsons_umbrellaGrandmothers who are included in the book or have read the book have picked up suggestions from the featured grandmothers that they can and have used in their grandmothering.

“That’s what the book does,” the author says. “It gives ideas to other grandparents. We can all learn from each other. There is no place where grandmothers just talk unless they’re friends or in a club together. Instead of showing pictures, I would like the dialog to be about ways their grand parenting are effective that can help people. The nuclear and extended families have miles between them today where they didn’t before. People used to live closely together.”

grandma_grson_laptopHowever, Young-Tulin points out, that with e-mail, recording your voice, digital cameras and web cams, where letters and images can be transmitted over the computer, the relationships can become closer and be maintained.

Many of the conclusions and themes were brought up by the grandmothers.

“Self esteem was a theme of grandmothers of minority or diverse backgrounds,” she said. “These groups saw their roles as helping their grandchildren build self-esteem. It came up in the Jewish, African-American and Hispanic communities. This didn’t come up in the interviews with the white Christian granny nannies.”

She also sees the book as providing hope, particularly for women who could fit into the chosen granny category. “Women that have no children and will have no grandchildren have a wonderful opportunity of being a chosen grandmother,” Young-Tulin said. “Many of them are close to someone’s children or some family, where there are no grandparents in that family. They can be more active in the children’s lives. A lot of life communities bring in another generation and adopt the kids. The chosen grandmothers I interviewed are so active in their grandchildren’s lives. They’re the grandmother. It opens the door. People I know who will never have grandchildren never thought of it. I think that’s one outcome and hope. This is a giving way to do that. It’s just not giving; it’s receiving so much love back. We can create families.”

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