grandmother noun 1: the mother of one’s father or mother; 2: a female ancestor-grandmotherly adj

nanny noun a child’s nurse or caregiver (probably of baby-talk origin)

caregiver noun a person who provides direct care (as for children, elderly people or the chronically ill)

granny noun 1a. GRANDMOTHER 1b: a fussy person; 2: chiefly Southern & south Midland: MIDWIFE

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary



The definitions above seem so simply stated. They are also all nouns, with no verb or explanation of the act of being a grandmother, nanny, or caregiver. One definition of granny is negative. And one of the special parts of life-- being a grandmother -- takes action and work. Author Dr. Lois Young-Tulin, grandmother of 8, has taken it upon herself to write a simple guidebook for the verb of grandmother. In the 110-page The Granny Nanny: A Guidebook for Modern Grandmothers, Conscious Grandmothering or What Every Grandmother Should Know About Babysitting,she provides the dos and don’ts for successful relationships with not only grandchildren but their own children/children-in-law. With her first sentences, Young-Tulin sets an important tone: “Think about it. In order to be grandmothers we once had to be mothers. After giving birth, we, as the mothers, were responsible for our baby’s/child’s well being. As grandmothers, on the other hand, we have choices. Our roles are open for interpretation and conscious choices. When I became a grandmother, and even when my daughters-in-law were pregnant, I made a conscious decision to be an involved grandmother, one of the caretakers or a Granny-Nanny. I was sure that helping out and taking care of a baby would be easy like getting back on a bicycle after a twenty-year lapse. Oh, how wrong I was....”

Things change over decades and generations. There’s disposable diapers vs. cloth diapers, laws about car seats, security of cribs, whether to lie a baby on its stomach or back. It’s more than that. What worked back when, may not work or be right now. Young-Tulin also recognizes that the other major elements that have changed is the family unit. More mothers are working. Grandmothers are not relied upon just to knit sweaters.
Author Lois Young-Tulin (left) with one of her grandchildren.
Her chapters include topics like dealing with in-laws, grandmothers who live nearby and far away, divorced parents and divorced grandparents, step-granny nannies, gay granny nannies and grandchildren of gay children, chosen granny nanny, live-in granny nannies and more. This book is certainly timely, so much so, that publisher iuniverse has already labeled it an Editor’s Choice designation.

Lois Young-Tulin Interviewed Online: Itsafullnest.com, Mulitgenerational Life
Multigenerational Living: the “New” clear Family, April 12, 2011

editor's choice


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