The Granny Nanny
Conscious Grandmothering or
What Every Grandmother Should Know
About Babysitting

Thank you to the many women interviewed for this book, their openness,their love,
their friendship and their Granny Nanny status. The stories shared in this book are about real people
and the actual things they said; however, names have been changed and care has been taken to protect the actual
indentities of the people who requested anonymity.

grmoth_grson_cuttingFrom the jacket:
Parents and children often feel more secure when childcare needs are filled by a family member. Grannies knit sweaters and go out to lunch, right? Wrong. The modern gran is a career woman with little time for free babysitting. Author Lois Young-Tulin dubs her “The Granny Nanny.”

In a nation of working parents, a new guardian is emerging as the leading childcare provider -- grandmothers. These involved grandmothers, or Granny Nannies, want to help their descendants, and have made a conscious decision to play a key role in the lives of their grandchildren. Even long-distance grandmothers, with consciously planned visits involving childcare, can play an important role in their grandchildren’s lives.

Complete with interviews from a variety of grandmothers in various situations, The Granny Nanny offers a wonderful opportunity for today’s grandmas to hone their skills and learn principles for successful grandmothering.



Chapter 1: I’m A Grandmother! or What Were We Thinking?
Chapter 2: Granny-Nannies
Chapter 3: Twenty Principles For Successful Grandmothering
Chapter 4: The Paternal & Maternal Grandmother Or Being A Good
Mother-In-Law Is A Prerequisite
to Being A Granny Nanny
Chapter 5: Self-Esteem or Making your Grandchildren Feel Special
Chapter 6: Ten Skills A Granny-Nanny Must Master
Chapter 7: Nearby and Long-Distance Grandmothers Or “Don’t Run With The Scissors!”grmother_holding_grson
Chapter 8: The First Time Baby Sleeps-Over
Chapter 9: They’re Here! Or A Family Visit
Chapter 10: Taking The Baby To A Restaurant
Chapter 11: “Grand” Travel
Chapter 12: Helping Your Grandchild Prepare And Accept A New Sibling
Chapter 13: Divorced Parents--Divorced Grandparents?
Chapter 14: Step-Granny-Nannies
Chapter 15: Gay Granny-Nanny
Chapter 16: Chosen Granny-Nanny
Chapter 17: “My Son Is My Granddaughter’s Uncle” Or Unusual Situations
Chapter 18: Live-In Granny-Nanny
Chapter 19: Conclusions

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